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 Kiske/Somerville (2015/01/11): The recordings started on April 14th and only left Michael Kiske's vocals and the final master/mix. Mat Sinner said: "I could listen again to the Kiske/Somerville 2 pre-production and I'm really excited about the songs and attitude. This album will be massive! 'City Of Heroes' and 'Ocean Of Tears' are two of the best songs I've ever written with my my partner in crime Magnus Karlsson." Album will be probably released on May 2015! And it's titled "City Of Heroes".

 WolfPakk (2015/01/31): Michael Kiske will be part of this heavy/rock all star project managed by Mark Sweeney (ex-Crystal Ball) and Michael Voss (Mad Max, Casanova). Michael will sing on the title track 'Rise Of The Animal' and the album will be released on February 27th by the label AFM Records. Other guests vocalists are: Andi Deris (Helloween), Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Rated X), Marc Storace (Krokus), Don Dokken (Dokken) and many more.

 Kiske Solo album/Elvis covers (2014/10/04): Michael Kiske said recently in a Radio interview: "I will probably do an Elvis record next year. Yes, there are talkings about it. Achim from EarMusic really likes the idea. I recorded several Elvis Karaoke songs and sent it to him. He really liked it so much and wants to do this album." He continued: "When I record such an Elvis cover album, I would choose songs that I prefer, independent from commercial success."

 Unisonic Tour (2014/10/14): After touring with Edguy in Germany, Italy and Switzerland with the Space Police Tour, Unisonic will make some more concerts; in December they will play 3 shows in Spain and later a festival in Germany (Knock Out). There is another show confirmed in 2015, in Finland (BeatCon). Dennis Ward already talked about doin' some shows in 2015, it could be included South America, but nothing confirmed yet. Check the tourdates.

 Avantasia The Mystery Of Time II (2014/10/03): There is none surprise that Tobias Sammet will make another Avantasia album. He talked about that one million times during The Mystery Of Time promotion. Michael Kiske said to Break Out magazine: "Tobi Sammet already asked as well for another Avantasia and I think this will be a topic for next year. We can already talk about this during the upcoming tour." So, more work for Tobias when Edguy's Space Police Tour will end.

Kiske Somerville City Of Heroes

Wolfpakk Rise Of The Animal 2015

Michael Kiske solo album Elvis Presley cover

Unisonic Light Of Dawn World Tour 2014 2015

Tobias Sammet Avantasia The Mystery Of Time Part 2