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 Avantasia - Ghostlights (2015/12/09): The new album Ghostlights will be released on 29th January. Michael Kiske sings on two songs: 'Unchain The Light' and 'Ghostlights' ('Eagle Fly Free'-type). Tobias Sammet: "Folks, I've spent months in the basement working on new material: Amazing stuff, diverse, epic, a little progressive even. Long tracks. Orchestra. Celtic stuff… It's so inspiring to work with all these great musicians and come up with a new chapter of Avantasia."

 Avantasia - World Tour (2015/12/09): Michael Kiske will be part of Tobias Sammet's Avantasia Ghostlights World Tour. The tour will start on March 4th, 2016. They will play in Europe during March and the first part of April. Then some dates in South America and Japan and after that they will headline a few Summer festivals. A magic journey back in time with a lot of classics, new songs from Ghostlight album, performing over 3 hours every night with a awesome line-up.

 Unisonic - Activities (2015/12/09): Unisonic will be touring in 2016. They will play in three Summer Festivals; one in Spain another in Germany and a special show at Wacken Open Air festival for the first time. (They will probably announce more festivals soon.) There are no plans for a new album in 2016. Kai Hansen is focused in Gamma Ray (now with a new vocalist) and he also wants to celebrate his 30th years in music with some different activities, outside Unisonic band.

 Kiske Solo album/Elvis covers (2015/12/09): There are two different projects talking about Kiske solo career. One is the solo album known as "KiskePietro". Michael and Sandro Giampietro recorded a few songs but they never published. And the other project is an Elvis Presley cover album. Michael Kiske said in a Radio interview two years ago: "I will probably do an Elvis record next year. Yes, there are talkings about it. Achim from EarMusic really likes the idea. I recorded several Elvis Karaoke songs and sent it to him. He really liked it so much and wants to do this album."

Tobias Sammet Avantasia Ghostlights 2016

Tobias Sammet's Avantasia Ghostlights World Tour 2016

Unisonic Tour 2016

Michael Kiske solo album Elvis Presley cover