Keep the flame alive

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Here is a new collaborator for the site, one of the most rockers girls of newspaper 'La Opinion' of Santiago de Compostela where she will write about what she wants.


Journeys to Arcadia

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This is the blog of Fanclub's boss, and she will write about what she wants since is the boss. But mainly about her travelling to Michael Kiske concerts.


A different kind of truth

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A place to speak my mind with freedom, to express the less appropiate feelings, a travel to my Philistine City and of course everything in Spanglish.


Being True With Myself

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A place where Samii Mittelstaedt from São Paulo, Brazil will share her thoughts, ideas, conclusions and that stuff. She will write in Portuguese or not, who knows?


How The Web Was Wovenhood

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A new blogger but an old friend from the site. A magazines and memorabilia collecter, so a 100% frikie XD Also administrator here and there with good conctacts.