2014-12-06 - Sala But, Madrid, Spain

2015-02-01 18:32
December 06th, 2014
Bootleg title: 
Dawn In Madrid
Line up
Michael Kiske
Kai Hansen
Mandy Meyer
Dennis Ward
Kosta Zafiriou
Track list

Information bootleg Unisonic at Sala But, Madrid 2014

Audience recording. Taped by Elvira Jimenez (taped from the first rows at right).

Equipment: H2N Zoom device -> WAV (PCM S16 LE, 44100kHz/16 bit).

This is the master edition, the raw file in one track, not encoded.

Master size: 1,08 Gb.
Total playing time: 1 hour 50 min 25 sec

CD edition ( Catalog Number: #ER-1206-CD)

Quality 1-10

8 - 8,5

Comments about the bootleg

Here is another show with a long set, something that is not very common in Unisonic's Light Of Dawn Tour. The set-list main base is still the debut album and only 5 songs from the new album. Like in other shows on this tour they played an extended version of 'I Want Out' (during the "sing-along" they played a medley with mini-covers of Iron Maiden 'Running Free', KISS 'I Was Made For Lovin' You' and Judas Priest 'Breaking The Law').

About the bootleg which is very interesting... it sounds very good. The master without edition sounds a little far away, but there is no distortion. The audience noise is not annoying and it’s very enjoyable. With a remaster, cleaning a little noise and volume up, it can reach to a rated-8,5.


Artwork Unisonic bootleg Sala But, Madrid 2014