1989-04-13 - Sunken Gardens, San Antonio, TX

United States
April 13th, 1989

Information Helloween at Sunken Gardens, San Antonio, TX, USA 1989

Helloween played with Anthrax.

MetalHammer magazine, issue May 1989:

Exodus had to cancel this show for health problems of their drummer Tom Hunting. "He suffered mental and fisical problems ..." expresed worried the guitarist Gary Holt, and continues "Tom is sick and he need a few time to rest. That's all, he is not leaving the band. We already contracted a replacement to make this tour. Unfortunately he had to cancel one show, but we will continue with the other dates".

A cause of Exodus cancellation Helloween could play more than 55 minutes. They did the usual set in the first part of the tour: "Eagle Fly Free", "Dr. Stein", "Save Us", "Future World", "Rise And Fall" and "How Many Tears" but it was added the long track "Halloween".