2011-04-28 - Zeche, Bochum

April 28th, 2011

Information Gamma Ray at Zeche, Bochum 2011

Gamma Ray played with the band Mob Rules. This show was choosen for exclusive live DVD + CD Shooting!

Setlist Gamma Ray at Zeche, Bochum 2011

01. Welcome
02. Empathy
03. Men, Martians and Machines
04. The Spirit
05. Wings of Destiny
06. Gamma Ray
07. Time to Break Free
08. Money
09.Rebellion in Dreamland
10. Send me a sign
11. Indution
12. Dethrone tyranny
13. Watcher in the sky
14. A while in dreamland
15. Brothers
16. To the Metal
17. Future world

Videoclips Gamma Ray at Bochum '11

Here is a video of "Time To Break Free":

Here is a video of "A While In Dreamland":

And here is the closing track "Future World".

Comments about the show

Michael Kiske was answered in an interview about how did you feel playing old Helloween-era songs with Unisonic? and he answered:

"At the begining I was not sure... but I have already sung live before with Kai in Gamma Ray, where he always put down the guitar keys a little. I don't like it when you put down one or two keys, it's not the same and it sounds weird. I don't like it. So it was not so good. In Unisonic we will always keep the original keys."