2016-03-12 - La Riviera, Madrid

March 12th, 2016

Avantasia at La Riviera, Madrid, Spain 2016 (1st night)

Show from the Ghostlights World tour, the 4th tour of Avantasia.

Tobias Sammet: "I'm really proud of what we're creating right now. And as if that wasn't enough: I'm anxiously looking forward to hitting the road again.I didn't necessarily expect this to happen, as in the past, it has always been difficult to align the individual schedules of the guest stars, but things have worked out, and we're ready to make it happen one more time! We'll put on a big show, we're gonna play over three hours, and we'll take the fans to a magical world all its own — to AVANTASIA. The live setlist is going to embrace the entire history of AVANTASIA, from 'The Metal Opera' to 'Ghostlights' and, of course, everything in between!"

Avantasia - Ghostlights World Tour 2016 teaser

Setlist Avantasia at La Riviera, Madrid, Spain 2016 (1st night)

00. Intro - Also sprach Zarathustra (2001: A Space Odyssey) - Miro Version
01. Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose (Feat. Tobias)
02. Ghostlights (Feat. Michael Kiske & Tobias)
03. Invoke The Machine (Feat. Tobias & Ronnie Atkins)
04. Unchain The Light (Feat. Tobias, Ronnie Atkins & Michael Kiske)
05. A Restless Heart And Obsidian Skies (Feat. Tobias & Bob Catley)
06. The Great Mystery (Feat. Tobias & Bob Catley)
07. The Scarecrow (Feat. Tobias & Jorn Lande)
08. Lucifer (Feat. Tobias & Jorn Lande)
09. The Watchmakers Dream (Feat. Tobias & Oliver Hartmann)
10. What's Left Of Me (Feat. Tobias & Eric Martin)
11. The Wicked Symphony (Feat. Oliver Hartmann, Eric Martin, Jorn Lande, Amanda Somerville & Herbie Langhans)
12. Draconian Love (Feat. Tobias & Herbie Langhans)
13. Farewell (Feat. Tobias & Amanda Somerville & Michael Kiske)
14. Stargazers (Feat. Jorn Lande, Ronnie Atkins, Oliver Hartmann & Michael Kiske)
15. Shelter From The Rain (Feat. Tobias & Michael Kiske & Bob Catley)
16. The Story Ain't Over (Feat. Tobias & Bob Catley)
17. Let The Storm Descend Upon You (Feat. Jorn Lande & Ronnie Atkins)
18. The Promised Land (Feat. Tobias & Jorn Lande)
19. Prelude & Reach Out For The Light (Feat. Tobias & Michael Kiske)
20. Avantasia (Feat. Tobias & Michael Kiske)
21. Twisted Mind (Feat. Eric Martin & Ronnie Atkins)
22. Dying For An Angel (Feat. Tobias & Eric Martin)
23. Lost In Space (Feat. Tobias & Amanda Somerville)
24. Sign Of The Cross / 7 Angels (Feat. Everybody)


Videoclips Avantasia at La Riviera, Madrid, Spain 2016 (1st night)

02. Ghostlights & 03. Invoke The Machine

13. Farewell

14. Stargazers

- Kiske & Tobias talking, Kiske in Elvis Presley-mode signs a few verses of 'Suspicious Minds':

15. Shelter From The Rain

24. Sign Of The Cross / 7 Angels

Videoclips Avantasia at La Riviera, Madrid, Spain 2016 (1st night)

01. Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose

07. The Scarecrow

09. The Watchmakers Dream

12. Draconian Love

21. Twisted Mind

23. Lost In Space

Press and fan stuff about the show

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