The Forgotten Tracks of Avantasia

Avantasia The Forgotten TracksWe're now in the middle of the Mystery World Tour of Avantasia so I think it's interesting to remark the long catalogue that this project have, and the most important, to make a little tribute to the songs that never were played live and which deserve more attention. Tobias Sammet's Avantasia released six albums and three singles. Not too many for a project which is 12 years old but more than enough if there are songs of good quality.

I would start remembering some stuff of the Metal Operas but I think it has more sense to start with The Mystery of Time forgotten songs. It was a great surprise for a lot of people to check the set-list of the first show of this tour and find out that it didn’t include: 'Where Clock Hands Freeze', 'The Watchmaker's Dream' and 'Dweller In A Dream' which are recognized as the best 4 songs of the album (including 'Savior In The Clockwork') for a big majority. You can check it in the poll. I guess Tobias decided not to play these new songs because people may prefer to listen to the "classics" 'Reach Out For The Light' and 'Shelter From The Rain' which like the new songs of Mystery Of Time album, are the same kind of songs that Tobias call "his Eagle Fly Frees" and it's exactly the same problem that happens to 'Wastelands' of the Wicked Symphony album.

In The Metal Opera albums there are a lot of tracks which could easily join in the list. For example my favorite song of the second part is 'Memory' which is great and very melodic. It seems that people usually like it because it was covered live for a lot of bands. 'The Final Sacrifice' is also similar but a little heavier and less melodic. And also in the same vein there is 'Neverland'.

Then there is a different kind of song 'The Looking Glass' with Bob Catley (not very different than 'The Story Ain't Over') and two tracks which are similar 'The Glory Of Rome' taken from the part I and 'Chalice Of Agony' from the part II. It's quite strange that Avantasia never played 'Chalice Of Agony' because it’s a song that was included in set-list of Edguy during the Hellfire Tour of 2004/05.

Outside the Metal Opera albums there is also interesting stuff in different styles. For example for me 'What Kind Of Love' is million light years away, the best ballad that Tobias Sammet wrote in Avantasia, also including Edguy ballads. It has a very good performance of Amanda Somerville and it's a nice "pussy ballad" like Tobias says lately... and just a little side note, anybody can hear the backing vocals of Michael in the chorus? XD

Finally I think there are also two underrated songs in the Scarecrow trilogy albums. One song is 'Devil In A Belfry' of The Scarecrow album, straight melodies and chorus, good riff and probably the best drums in the whole Avantasia career. The song is not very different than 'Another Angel Down' also of the same album, but it has better melody and chorus for me. Other underrated song is 'Rat Race' of Angel Of Babylon (ummm don't you think Tobias has a little obsession with Babylon? just another comment). I'm not sure but I guess that song was one of tracks that Tobias was expected to be sung by Sebastian Bach because all the chorus sound like Skid Row, very nice and raw rock song.

Well, here are some examples of "Forgotten tracks" that I think are underrated and deserves more recognition. I don't write this blog to criticize the actual set-list of Avantasia tour, it's just a tribute to great songs that this project has and which are not so valued. I think some of these songs are in the same level than some "classics". It's a compliment for Tobias that only with six albums he got a lot of songs that a lot of bands would kill for having in their catalogue. And Just for fun, here is a set-list done only with "Forgotten tracks":

01. Where Clock Hands Freeze
02. Memory
03. Chalice Of Agony
04. The Final Sacrifice
05. Neverland
06. The Glory Of Rome
07. Devil In A Belfry
08. The Looking Glass
09. What Kind Of Love
10. The Watchmaker's Dream
11. Wastelands
12. Rat Race
13. Dweller In A Dream