Here is a place with gossip, rumours, and statements about some ideas for possible future releases. But those ideas are/were real, Michael and another musicians talked about them as you can see in the quotes. I turned down to add projects like Kiske/Grapow/Hansen because is a nonsense to talk about it now with Unisonic working. So here is some gossip about future releases or collaborations.

Kiske solo project/Unisonic

Kiske collaborations

Re-releases or reissues


About Kiske solo project/band

Kiske - Elvis Presley covers album

michael kiske elvis presley tribute covers albumGossip: Michael Kiske will release a whole CD with versions of Elvis Presley.

Since Kiske always was a great Elvis Presley fan and even a CD/DVD collector, that rumor was out there from time to time, and he also made comments about it in some interviews. I remember he said to my old Where Wishes Fly Kiske Fanclub: "Maybe I do a full Elvis-acoustic-album one day if a label is interested; I am sure this will be good. Elvis is in my heart, you know."

He also said: "You know what’s funny? I’ve just remembered that back when I was still managed by Rod Smallwood, Iron Maiden’s manager… there was a discussion about recording an Elvis cover album. I told Rod that I’d love to do it… but he didn’t pick me for it. No idea what happened. It probably failed because I wasn't on it (laughs)"

But the lastest of Kiske's words about that option are not positive, he said: "On an Elvis cover album I've thought longer. But there is only little interest of labels, especially there is no interest of Frontiers Records. Therefore, in the future, there will be more bonus tracks for Japan. Perhaps in 10 years I could add all Elvis covers together and to make a complete album."

Michael already sang the following Elvis tunes: 'Blue Suede Shoes' (Helloween's Kids Of The Century EP 1991), 'Mary In The Morning' (Japanese bonus track in Kiske album), 'How The Web Was Woven' (Japanese bonus track in Past In Different Ways solo album) plus a lot of little versions live with Unisonic and Avantasia. Michael did an interview with Powermetal.cl where he shared two versions of Elvis 'I Really Don't Want To Know' and 'Love Letters' and he said: "I have some covers of Elvis, like Karaoke, I always does 'cause I love to sing Elvis, is so great for my voice!. I have about... 100 songs recorded!"

(In relation with that rumour, Jorn Lande wants to do an Elvis covers album, what about another collaboration as guest? In 2010 during an interview to promote Kiske/Somerville album with both singers Amanda said: "Jorn Lande is also a huge Elvis fan, he wants to do an Elvis album… he’s talking about it with Sascha Paeth!")


Kiske - Past In Different Ways Part II

Past in different ways part 2 kiskeGossip: Michael will release a second part of Past In Different Ways album. What it means they would re-make re-record another tunes in that different way, acoustic/orchestral.

This rumour started because Michael was not very happy with how  a song like 'A Little Time' sounded, and he also realized fans would love to hear other tracks like 'Savage' or 'Don't Run For Cover'.

Michael Kiske said: "I could have worked on the original pre-Helloween version of 'A Little Time' instead; but I had this idea far too late."

I asked Kiske why he did not  include songs like 'Savage' and 'Don't Run For Cover' in Where Wishes Fly fanclub and he said: "I didn't remake 'Savage' because it was just a joke (press critized Helloween sound in Keepers album because it was not thrash-speed like Walls Of Jericho so I did that song as joke) and 'Don't Run For Cover' is pretty lame, I never liked that song". But after a lot of interviews to promote PIDW album, and a lot of questions about that song, he changed his opinion and he said: "I let down songs like 'Savage' and perhaps it could be interesting to remade some of them".

Yes, I know Kiske never said he would do a PIDW part 2 so perhaps that "gossip" would not fit very well here but he already said about 'Savage' and the first version of 'A Little Time' "perhaps in the future..."


Kiske - Symphonic album

michael kiske symphonic albumGossip: Michael will release a complete album with symphonic songs.

This rumour started in 1998 after Readiness To Sacrifice Kiske's album, where you can hear two symphonic tracks 'Shadowfights' and 'Easy' at the end of this CD. Also the rumour got bigger in 2003, after the Aina project where Michael sang another two symphonic pieces 'Silver Maiden' and 'Serendipity'.

The original idea came to Michael after he parted ways with Helloween, he thought in different options to continue his career and one was to make a solo album tribute to Richard Wagner and other classic compositors, but mainly Wagner.  That album never was made but Kiske saved the idea for the future. He exactly said: "The next I want to do is an album with pieces of German history of classical music, Wagner mainly. Wagner was discredited for the apologia that nazis made from about him, but I'm not nazi and I will never be in my life. Wagner was a master of inmortal music, he deserves to be listened to and understood without prejudices."

In 2003, Michael did two symphonic songs with the project AINA and he said: "I've been recording some vocals for a Sascha Paeth's project, titled AINA; it sounds very classical, also I really love the idea Sascha suggest me about making a whole album with classical music. In the next couple years we could record together an album like that, but for the moment is not sure". In another different interview he also said: "Aina was great, I really loved the songs we did. I loved to work with Sascha and we'll probably make another album with him, but it would not have any metal on it. The sound will be more classical orientated, with orchestra."

A few years later, in 2006 during the promotion of Kiske album he forgot what he said about doing a whole album with Sasha Paeth and he said that: "Symphonic album with Sascha? not really, if once I get the money to do a symphonic album I would like to produce one on my own maybe. But it is very expensive to work with an orchestra, you know. And I don't want to do this with lame keyboards."


Kiske solo tour

michael kiske solo band tourGossip: Michael Kiske will do a solo tour with his own stuff to promote the next solo album.

Kiske had some offers to go out on tour during previous solo albums but it didn't happen. The first time was with SupaRed album (2003) but Michael had serious problems in that moment with his stomach which a few months later had to be operated on. The second time was with Kiske (2006) but Frontiers Records didn't want to spend money in that kind of promotion. The third time was during the composition of Past In Different Ways album (2008), Michael said about it: "I had a very good offer of a promotor to do it, he even offer me since the first moment he realized I was making that kind of album. I would be free to make some kind of European acoustic tour but the problem is I don't want to return to the stage after 16 years having to sing only my old material, because it would give a wrong message... So when I return to the stage again, it would be better to do it supporting a new album and offering new songs, then if I would have the chance of including 'I Believe' or 'Your Turn' for example in the setlist, why not?, but now it's not the right moment".

During the promotion of Kiske album (2006), Michael said: "I would love to play live again if I could maybe support a bigger act that makes music that could fit my new style too. I would maybe just play with my acoustic guitar together with Sandro Giampietro and his Fender. But it has got to be the right band or artist to support."

So when Michael will release the next solo album after Unisonic album/tour probably he would have another chance to go out on tour, in this case it would be the first solo tour. Also it would be more easy because he already retourned to the stage. I did a blog about this titled: "Longing for a Kiske acoustic tour".


Unisonic touring with Helloween 2016?

Unisonic tour Helloween Hellish rock part 3Gossip: Unisonic will tour with Helloween in a new edition of Hellish Rock Tour in 2015 or 2016.

The rumour says that Unisonic will tour with Helloween in third edition of "Hellish Rock Tour" in 2015 or 2016. It started just when Unisonic was formed and started touring but it came public during Helloween last tour because the band said in almost all interviews they did in 2012. The first one was the vocalist Andreas Deris, he said: "Unfortunately is with Gamma Ray again and not Unisonic with Michael Kiske and Kai and bring them up on stage. I personally would step back and play 2-3 songs only guitar and let them sing and do the show. I would have so much fun, but it's not the time. He is still not able to do that." And the guitarist Michael Weikath commented: "I only know the management is planning something but I'm not sure if it would take place in 2014 because it is something that can not be forced and I also think that Michael has a personal problem with me that has to be solved first. Anyway is not a problem for me, we could make it even without talking before but if he needs to talk about what was wrong in the past so I'm ready to talk about it. It has to be with Dani on drums or Kosta for obvious reasons, Ingo is not alive, and its not neccesary to be a standard reunion but Kai and Michael joining together with the actual line up or something like that. But I don't know why people talk about it in 2014, it could be in 2015 or later, who knows?" Michael denied that option but during the last tour with Avantasia he met with Weikath at Hellfest and said to Burrn! magazine: "I met Weikath about two and half weeks ago. I had been thinking that we had to meet eventually. And when we met, I was calm and didn't feel any anger or such. He was also very friendly... to a surprising exent, behaving as if nothing has never happened between us... but that's how he is. It was good that at least we met."

Recently in November 2013 Michael Kiske commented to Rafabasa.com: "There is nothing... They are just things that talked about in public or heard somewhere, but I have no intention to do something like that. I am very happy with all the things I'm involved in now and I really do not see it happening.... there is nothing planned about a Tour Helloween with Gamma Ray and Unisonic but certainly that would be more interesting for me." And he commented about the meeting with Weikath: "...we had the dressing room nearby each other. It was Weikath who came to say hi to me, shook my hand and it was really friendly and a beautiful moment. It was great to make peace at last and for my part all right now ... I was also friendly and we chatted a bit about various things and all went well. But hey, you cannot delete all the things that happened, and I can forgive but I'll never forget."

And related with this rumour there is another about a special tour/show of Kiske with Helloween. According what some journalists published or spread previously (for example in Rafabasa.com) it seems the main idea of that reunion it would be something like a long show (3-hours) with three different parts; a first part singing Kai Hansen stuff of Walls of Jericho, then Kiske singing stuff of his era, and other part with the current Helloween line-up, that could happen according that rumour in 2015 for the Helloween 30th anniversary.

But Kiske in December 2013 commented to Metalcovenant & Deadrhetoric about playing old stuff: "I can play old stuff with Unisonic. For the fans who are in love with the records of those times, like the Keeper records, I understand they have hopes and think it would be a cool thing. I don’t think they could give me the amount of money, just for business reasons to say yes. My heart is just not there. If they give me 2 million Euros, I’d be stupid not to do it, but I know they’d never do it. [laughs] This will never be an option. The people who come to their concerts nowadays, I’m pretty sure it’s because of the records they have done afterward, with their new singer, and they want to hear that guy, and I don’t give that to myself. I don’t want to be on stage singing material for people who want to hear Andi. When I’m on tour with Unisonic, they want to hear me, playing together with Kai, and doing 'I Want Out' and 'March of Time' and it works." And he commented about sharing the stage with Andi Deris: "I find it a little weird. If I would be the singer of a band, why would I want the old singer to show up there? I don't understand this at all."

Kiske announces (to Eurometalexpressshow) he would agree to make a "Keeper Tour" in the future: "So many things have changed. I don’t know what it is, but I’m at peace somehow within myself. I have even met Michael Weikath in 2013, I met him at Sweden Rock (editor: it was at Hellfest in France), when we played there with Avantasia. He was extremely nice when he approached me and he wanted to talk to me. He wanted to make a good impression. He was extremely nice and I was fine with it too. Who knows? It is not anything gonna happen too soon, because I want to see how far we can get with Unisonic. It is just a thing at the moment; I don’t even cross this out as impossible anymore. Maybe something in the future like a ‘Keeper tour’, something like that, just for the fun of it….I know a lot of people are waiting for that. No talk about it yet, but they want to do it, they have sent out a lot of signals from that direction. Kai wants to do it, I know, since he told me that he would be up for it. Since I’m not completely against it anymore, it might even happen sometime…You should do it for the right reasons, that’s the thing. I can’t do anything that goes against my heart. And if I would feel the same way as I felt a few years ago, it would be impossible. It wouldn’t work, but things changed. You have to wait, until the time is there…

I wrote a blog with all information about this topic, titled "About a Helloween Reunion with Kiske" and the collaborator Ali wrote another titled: "Unisonic and Helloween tour".


About Kiske collaborations

Kiske/Somerville tour

kiske somerville tourGossip: Michael Kiske will make a tour or a few shows in 2013 playing stuff of Kiske/Somerville duet album.

They had the option to have done a few shows but Michael didn't come back touring yet in that moment (early 2010), so he prefered to wait for Unisonic shows. Michael had an offer from Mat Sinner to make it but it didn't happen. Kiske explained: "Unfortunately I had some sort of misunderstanding with Mat, we kinda talked about a different thing. He was doing this classic meets rock thing, I don't know how often they've done it, but it's a band and a big orchestra at the back and they have some pretty big people there. Next time in January Ian Gillan will be there and on the last tour they had Lou Gramm and Mat asked me when we did the video shoot if I would be interested in being part of it. By that time I had not been on any stage in nearly seventeen years, so I said that I'd really like to do the Unisonic festival shows first to get a feel again, you know? But after I'd done them and loved them I thought we would still have time because after the video shoot we met for promotion and we had that exact questions from interviewers about playing live and we said you have to sell a few copies to have anyone interested in making a tour so we'll wait and see what the record does, if it does well we will be touring. I thought he was talking about this classic meets rock thing but it was already decided, he'd needed my confirmation a lot earlier and I didn't know that, I thought we would still have time. So I would be ready for it but unfortunately everything is set now. It was kind of sad because he wanted me to be a part of it and I would have loved to have presented this kind of thing. I mean can you imagine with the big orchestra presenting this? Maybe next time."

In another interview Michael said: "In this moment there are not plans to play live but is true Amanda's manager so as mine already received some offers, there was interest of some promotors of Italy, Germany and France. If we would do something like that it's needed to have a good band with us and also a nice organization. Both are busy now so to have a good organization is fundamental."

I think the real options of touring with this project would be after a second album released then go to stage with enough stuff to make a nice setlist. The last words of Amanda Somerville about that were: "We have talked about a second Kiske / Somerville album, and perhaps do it a little bit differently.  Maybe record our vocals together in the studio at the same time and sit down together and write the songs together.  It's the same as touring though, it's all down to how this album performs as to how we go ahead from here."

Kiske - Rock Meets Classic Tour

Kiske at Rock meets classic tourGossip: Michael Kiske will be part of a new Rock Meets Classic Tour singing some classics.

This rumour is connected with Kiske/Somerville rumour because it started with the proposition of Mat Sinner to Michael to join in Rock Meets Classic Tour of 2011. But I guess it would not fit very well to play Kiske/Somerville stuff there because they always play classics of rock with big musicians, like Alice Cooper, Paul Rodgers, Ian Gillan, Lou Gramm, Bonnie Tyler, etc... to play new stuff between so many classic would not fit. So I think what Mat really wanted was to get Michael to sing some classics, but as you can read in Kiske/Somerville rumour, Michael didn't return to play live in that moment so he was not ready yet. (It's not neccesary to repeat the quote). Mat didn't get Michael but  Joost Van Den Broek did two years later for the Christmas Metal Symphony Tour 2013. More or less is the same format, to play live rock music classics with a symphonic orchestra.

But since Mat Sinner is the mastermind behind Kiske/Somerville album they have the conection, it will not be a surprise that what that rumour say it could happen in the future. Mat probably will try again. There are also more known people for Kiske in Rock Meets Classic band: Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia) and Amanda Somerville were there in the last tour.


Gamma Ray with Kiske - Land Of The Free Tour

gamma ray keeper tour kiske kaiGossip: Michael Kiske will make a tour with Gamma Ray where they will play a special setlist.

Michael said a few times he would be open to make something special to old fans. At first he said he would consider to playing one-off show with Helloween: "I would never consider rejoining the band on a permanent basis. But if the band would ask me to sing one or two songs live I would like the idea, from a nostalgic point of view. A lot of people would certainly like that and as a one-off thing it could be interesting." Later he discarded it because: "I don't make music or go on stage with people who deeply hate me. Michael Weikath is not in love with me at all."

I think that rumour started since Michael already did in 2011 four shows with Gamma Ray as guest, singing on three songs (four in Winter Masters of Rock). In two years is the 20th anniversary of Land Of The Free album and they could make a special tour "remembering" some old stuff they would be available some tracks Michael sang with the band also some old tracks of Helloween like: 'Save Us', 'I'm Alive', 'Future World', "I Want Out', 'A Little Time'... also Michael's 'We Got The Right' and 'You Always Walk Alone'. That rumour grew when Dennis Ward and Kosta Zafirou partners of Unisonic said that they didn't feel confortable playing typical power metal songs like: 'March Of Time' and 'I'm Alive'.


Aina Metal Opera Part II

aina part 2 days of rising doom kiske somerville paeth the metal operaGossip: Michael will take part (as Narrator again?) on the sequel of that Metal Opera leaded by Sascha Paeth.

The Metal Opera Aina was originally composed together with a second album, but they never started the recordings for the second album.

I asked Michael in Where Wishes Fly Fanclub about this rumour in 2005 and he said: "AINA Part 2 would be fun, but I haven't heard anything about it."

Amanda Somerville, one of Aina's composers and also partner of Michael in Avantasia and Kiske-Somerville project recently (2010) did an interview with Michi promoting Kiske/Somerville album and she said: "I've basically written another part. I would love to... but the record company that originally released Aina went under. I even planned to perform on stage but it fell through. I wrote a complete show overview, like an entire script. A show overview with lighting, what the characters do, what happens in each individual song and I wanted to kind of make it half theater, like an actual opera, like a half theatrical production and half a concert. So yes, I would love to do a second episode... but I haven't had time to take the initiative. Maybe one day... "


The Sunshine Box

the sunshine box michael kiske nuno bettencourtGossip: Michael Kiske will make another guest collaboration in a project band called The Sunshine Box with former Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt.

I have to say that was not a rumour, it was news a few years ago, it started in 2004-2005. The information  about this project was that  Kiske would take part in that project which planned to release a double-CD of rock, funky, punky, ballad mixed style.

Musicians are: Michael Kiske (vocals on nearly all songs), Nuno Bettencourt ex-Extreme (most guitars and some vocals), some other members of his actual band Population 1, Peter Spang (some guitars & most of bass), Jon Oliva from Savatage (some keys), Fat Mike of NOFX (bass playing on 2 or 3 songs), Stefanie Kloß of Silbermond (vocals on 1 or 2 songs, german/english duet with Kiske), Meredith Brooks (vocals), Sonja Hewer & Alexandra Schwarz of Sonic Seasons and finally one of the following female singers to take part in 2-3 songs: Sheryl Crow or Alanis Morrisette.

Some of the titles are: 'Misunderstood', 'When All The Shadows Disapear', 'Hear Me God (german-english lyrics), 'Take Away The Pain', 'When The Tears Came Down', 'Gone', 'I Don't Care At All', 'Who's To Blame', 'Have You Ever Seen'...

Unfortunately they had problems to find a label so the project was stopped, at least for a while... as they wrote in their official myspace: the sun will rise again.


Re-releases or reissues

Helloween Live In UK Complete show 2CDS

helloween live in uk whole show 2cd kiske kaiGossip: After beeing re-released the first albums in double CDs with bonus tracks in 2006, Helloween will release a expanded edition of Live In Uk live album.

As you know the Live In UK was not only recorded in Edinburg, Scotland, during the mixing at Horus Studios of Hannover,  they used two tracks of another show (Manchester) because they had problems with some microphones, but fortunately they've been recorded three shows, so they had enough stuff. So that rumour says Helloween will release that album in double CD edition.

Kai Hansen talked about that in a few interviews, and he said: "Back then we recorded 3 live concerts in UK. It was very good stuff with a lot of quality. We recorded the complete gig. I have this cassettes and we want to released a double cd. Finally we become disappointed when it was released with only 7 songs. It was a shame!! So I said to Sanctuary that this is the perfect time to edit the full show as they are now re-releasing albums. I don't know the specifics of the record deal but I would like to see this stuff released."

Despite Kai's statement I don't think it will happen, the actual Helloween seems not to be very interested in promote releases with a different lineup. Also the stuff of those years belongs to Sanctuary Records because they bought Noise Records and Helloween signed with another label. So I guess is very difficult but who knows?

Kiske - Readiness To Sacrifice Reissue

michael kiske readiness to sacrifice rts reissueGossip: Michael Kiske will re-release his second solo album Readiness To Sacrifice through Frontiers Records as he did with Instant Clarity (with bonus tracks?).

That gossip started in 2006 when Michael announced Frontiers Records will re-release his first solo album Instant Clarity in the same date of Kiske solo album. Michael commented: "I'm glad of Serafino (Frontiers) want to release my first solo album because is difficult to find. I would love if they'll do the same with RTS but I'm not sure since this album is very colourful with different styles, very difficult to sell. I have doubts Frontiers could be interested but I will try!"

In another interview with Where Wishes Fly Fanclub, Kiske said: "I don't think it would happen. Readiness To Sacrifice album is almost impossible to sell, but very interesting from an artistic point of view."

In an interview with the Brazilian facebook group Kiske said about it: "There are not plans for re-releasing it, not at the moment; I am more interested in doing new stuff, you know, but maybe I re-release it through ear-music someday. Great label!"