If he was in... (Part 1)

Kiske blogHere is a blog with the typical conversations you can have in a bar with some friends at late night. An usual topic: "If X was in..." It doesn't matter about who but these kind of questions are always around in these circunstancies.

In this blog, my first blog, I want to pick my personal list of my favourite albums that could fit or I wish Michael Kiske had been in as vocalist or collaborator/guest. The reason to choose the albums could be different for each choice but the unifying idea is my desire to imagine Kiske in the album. It's not neccesary to take it seriously, each person have his taste.

For this first blog I requested the help of other bloggers and collaborators of the website who have more experience than me blogging. Today we give 6 of our favourite records and it will be more in future blogs.


"If he was..." (by me)

Angra RebirthAngra is a cool band. Another band from the second wave of Power Metal after the success of Helloween and Blind Guardian in 80ties and early 90ties. There was also the rumour that Kiske was offered to join in the band. I think Angra's guitarist Kiko Loureiro also talked about it in some old interviews.

Replacing: André Matos Edu Falashi


Because the album is very interesting. One of the best after the split with the vocalist André Matos and some other changes in the band line up. It also contains tracks with different styles and moods and its very melodic.

I can't image what interesting would be a tour of Kiske with Angra and listening Michael singing some classics of the Brazilian band. Recently it was Fabio Lione of Rhapsody who did with a good result for the band 20th anniversary, where they played four songs of Rebirth album.


"If he was..." (by Dani)

Gamma Ray Land Of The FreeI'm not very original with my choice. Gamma Ray's Land Of The Free album is too obvious since Kiske was available to do it after his split with Helloween and it was his first collaboration as guest. I will not comment anything about the weird/shy offer of Kai to Michael for joining in the band because everybody is tired to hear the same anecdote.

Replacing: Ralf Scheepers Kai Hansen


Because most of the songs fit. Not only in the songs where Kiske sang 'Time To Break Free' & 'Land Of The Free'. All songs are very melodic like 'Rebellion In A Dreamland', 'All Of The Damned' and 'Abyss Of The Void'. Also the tracks with more speed like 'Salvation's Calling' and 'Guardian Of Manking' are in the middle way between melodic and fast. And the speedy 'Man On A Mission' is not so excesive. There are also a ballad and the middle-tempo 'Afterlife'.

This album is recognized by almost everybody like one of the best Keepers continuation/end or 3rd part whatever you want to call it... and its in the top-10 of better albums of that style and the Magnus Opus of Gamma Ray without any doubt.


"If he was..." (Brigitte)

Nightwish OceanbornMy choice is a little more original and it is Nightwish's Oceanborn. When you skip the opera vocals of Tarja, you have a heavily Helloween and Stratovarius influenced power metal album.

Replacing: Tarja


As I said before, it has many melody structures and chorus like old Helloween and Stratovarius. When I first heard them, they seemed to be the best continuation of old Helloween. But the question is why replacing Tarja. The question is easy, this album was more power metal than the following albums and despite that Tarja has a strong voice, she had a lot of problems with pronouciation at that time and the style did not fit in some songs to her voice. The chorus and the ending of 'The Pharo sails to Orion' is 100% old Helloween and would have been perfect with Kiske voice. Also the more classical ballads are songs, that Kiske would have loved singing. Yes, there are 2 songs with a little more harsh male vocals, but when you add Jörn Lande as a replacement for rougher vocals instead the guy Nightwish used, it would have worked as well.


"If he was..." (Ali)

Scorpions BlackoutIt's hard to choose only one but my choice is Scorpion's Blackout. It's imposible to replace Klaus Meine in Scorpions but we are playing this game so here is.

Replacing: Klaus Meine


I love this album. 1982's Blackout is the perfect mix between heavy/rock and pop styles. In that years the dark sound of heavy music of 70ties was evoluting to a more clear-hearted approach. The opening track 'Blackout', 'No One Like You' and 'Dinamite' showed that hard music could fit even to an audience pop oriented without compromising its hard sound or attitude. Klaus sounds very clear although he lost his voice during the recordings and he had to undergo surgery on his vocal cords. Don Dokken took his place and recorded the vocals however none of those recordings are featured on the album except on backing vocals.

Michael and Klaus vocals are clear and with a great technique that's why Michi didn't have any problem to sing Avantasia's Dying For An Angel, originally sang by Klaus. Many of the songs on Blackout album continue to feature in the Scorpions live set-list to this day.


Many of the songs on Blackout continue to feature in the Scorpions’ live set to this day. - See more at: http://metalassault.com/album_reviews/2012/03/31/retrospective-30-years-of-scorpions-blackout/#sthash.j2WoV5S1.dpuf
Many of the songs on Blackout continue to feature in the Scorpions’ live set to this day. - See more at: http://metalassault.com/album_reviews/2012/03/31/retrospective-30-years-of-scorpions-blackout/#sthash.j2WoV5S1.dpuf

"If he was..." (Stephanie)

Casting Crows LifesongI have a different idea about which album I would like to hear Michael's voice on. Of course, I am a fan of the old Helloween era with Michael's vocals, but now that I am older and appreciate different genres of music, I have to say that I am impressed with how Michael's voice has matured over the years. I liked his solo album Kiske very well. And now that I am also a big fan of Christian rock music, I especially enjoyed the cover song Michael sang of Casting Crown's "Set Me Free". So, I would love to hear Michael's voice on the album Lifesong by Casting Crowns.

Replacing: Mark Hall


Even though, Michael does not sing to Christian music, I think Michael's voice fits well with this music. We have already heard Michael sing "Set Me Free" on the Place Vendome album "Streets of Fire". I love that track very much. I would like hear his vocals on other tracks such as, "Lifesong", "Praise You in this Storm", and "Prodigal". This abum is very spiritual and speaks to every heart that hears it. And I can truly imagine Michael singing these songs because he is also a spiritual person, and a few of his own songs have a spiritual theme. His voice would fit perfectly with this album.


"If he was..." (Samii)

Helloween High LiveYes.... It's very hard.... but i would like to see Michi singing in the first live from Helloween with Deris High Live. it would be 'he didn't leave the band...'

Replacing: Andi Deris


Have a lot of old songs from his era buuuuut... Would be nic to see him singing Andi Deris songs.