Kiske: the voice! The voice, the voice! Hallellujah!

June 29th, once again, Michi will be among the Brazilian fans. When I heard he would return to the stages with Avantasia, I never loved Tobias more than this time. Unfortunately, I couldn't go the concert. I was devastated 'cause I thought I'd never have the chance to see the Master on stages. But in 2011 it was revealed that he joined in a new band and later, Kai Hansen joins the line-up. I couldn't have imagined anything better: it was almost back to the golden years of Helloween! And, moreover, they would do a concert in Sao Paulo. Finally I realized the dream of meeting the Master. And so I did. I never forget how helpful he was with the fans. When he heard we were expecting him, he insisted on coming down from the hotel room and go to the streets (almost being run over, that heresy!) to meet all. I say without hesitation that it was the best day of my life. And now I can see for the first time, Ernie or better, Michael Kiske on stages (not everything is perfect, this time, just at the time I go, Jorn Lande will not participate) and it will be a magical day as the May 18th 2012 was.

Michi with the Faces In the Night (Facebook group with Michi's fans).