Longing for a Kiske acoustic tour

Eric Martin acoustic tourA few weeks ago I've read a live report of a show done by a Kiske partner in the new tour of Avantasia: Eric Martin. Just before the tour of Avantasia started, Eric was doin' some acoustic shows playing stuff of his band Mr. Big but also of his solo career, he did a very nice summary of his repertoire. And I thought... why not a Kiske acoustic tour? would it be interesting? how it could be? what about the setlist?

But before talking about how it could be done and what I would love to watch in an event like that, I want to remember the options that Kiske already had in the past to go out on tour.

The first option was with the release of SupaRed album but in this case it would not be an acoustic tour/show so that's a history for another moment. When Michael started to think about going out on tour, it was after Kiske (2006) album was released, Michael commented:  "I would love to play live again if I could maybe support a bigger act that makes music that could fit my new style too. I would maybe just play with my acoustic guitar together with Sandro Giampietro and his Fender. But it has got to be the right band or artist to support." Unfortunately his label Frontiers Records was not very interested in that kind of promotion, they never do that with any band, so it didn't happen.

Two years later, in 2008, there was another option to go out on tour with the solo album Past In Different Ways but Michael didn't feel confortable coming back on tour playing old stuff, he commented: "I had a very good offer of a promotor to do it, he even offer me since the first moment he realized I was making that kind of album (PIDW). I would be free to make some kind of European acoustic tour but the problem is I don't want to return to the stage after 16 years having to sing only my old material, because it would give a wrong message..."  So unfortunately, it didn't happen again.

Michael Kiske acoustic solo tourThat's the history, so its the right moment to move to a pararell universe where Michael Kiske is making an acoustic tour. Could you imagine an acoustic tour or at least a few shows in that way? Perhaps it could be a little tour in Europe... I think it would be very interesting.

It would be a great chance to listen to songs, which never had been played live, like: 'Ban'em', 'Philistine City', 'All-Solutions', 'The King Of It All', 'Always', 'Where Wishes Fly', 'Let's Be Heroes', 'Somebody Somewhere', 'Ride On', 'Painted' and very well accompanied with the already arranged in acoustic style in Past In Different Ways album like: 'A Little Time', 'Your Turn', 'Longing', 'You Always Walk Alone', 'We Got The Right', 'I Believe', 'Kids Of The Century' and perhaps a few Elvis Presley covers, why not?... for example.

So, who knows if it would happen in the future?, perhaps it could be a good chance when the Kiskepietro album will be released (we already know the album will probably have an acoustic cover of an Elvis Presley song). At least it could be a few shows as promotion or whatever... anyway if it would not happen we will always have the option of Unisonic promotional tours... Kai Hansen with his acoustic Flying V and Michael Kiske with his Ukulele...

(Edited: As always... I wrote the blog yesterday and today there is more information related... Eric Martin has been confirmed as "Suprise act" at the Full Metal Cruise, he will play an acoustic set,  in a special and exclusive setting accompanied by Avantasia guitarist Sascha Paeth...)