2009 - Tin Soldiers

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Trick Or Treat
Release date: 
October 31st, 2009
Line up
Michael Kiske
Alessandro Conti
Michele Luppi
Luca Cabri
Guido Benedetti
Mirko Virdis
Track list

Information Trick Or Treat Tin Soldiers

- Recorded and mixed at Fear Studio (Alfonsino, Ravenna).
- Produced, engineered by Simone Mularoni and Trick Or Treat.
- Mastered by Gabriele Ravaglia at Fear Studio.
- Cover artwork and Illustrations by Alessandro Conti.
- Photos by Christian Daolio at Puntoimmagine.
- Keyboards engineered by Saverio Verrascina, Simone Mularoni and Guido Benedetti.
- Lyrics supervision by Enrico Cantoni (and Michele Luppi on 'Take Your Chance').
- Published by Valery Records (Milan, Italy).
- Japan release on April 22nd, 2009 by King Records and reached the 29th position in the Japanese charts.

- Michael Kiske sings on 'Hello Moon' and a duet on 'Tears Against Your Smile'.

Different editions Trick Or Treat Tin Soldiers

01. Standard CD: 11 tracks by Valery Records.
02. Standard CD Digipack: 11 tracks by Valery Records.
03. Japanese CD: 11 tracks + bonus track.

Musicians in Tin Soldiers

The band is formed by Alessandro Conti (Vocals), Luca Cabri (Guitar), Guido Benedetti (Guitar), Leone Villani Conti (Bass) and Mirko Virdis (Drums). The voices on track 'A Night In The Toyshop' by Enrico Cantoni.

Special guests: Michael Kiske sings on 'Hello Moon' and a duet With Ale on 'Tears Against Your Smile'. Also Michele Luppi (ex-VISION DIVINE), who can be heard on 'Take Your Chance'.

Promotional stuff

Cover artwork Trick Or Treat Tin Soldiers

Trick Or Treat Tin Soldiers artworkThe cover artwork and illustrations were done by Alessandro Conti and the photos in the booklet by Christian Daolio at Puntoimmagine.

Alessandro Conti, in an interview for Kiske fanclub commented me about the cover: "I'm a professional designer, this is my “day-time” job haha! I’m the responsible for a graphic studio... I have studied to become an advertising typographer and then I graduated in “surgical drawing” at the Faculty of Medicine in Bologna (yes, I know...It’s a strange thing!). I’ve dealed with the graphic of “Evil Needs Candy Too” and with that of the new album “Tin Soldiers”. The work for this last one was very demanding, but I’m very satisfied with the result... as with the parts that I’ve sung! Haha!!"

Single 'Paper Dragon'

Before release the album, the band showed via their official Myspace channel the first single, the song: 'Paper Dragon'.

'Loser Song' videoclip

Bruce Dickinson radio program

The first single of Tin Soldiers album was 'Paper Dragon', and that song was played on Bruce Dickinson's Friday Rock Show of BBC Radio 6 in UK. Alessandro commented about it: "Our single was recently played on Bruce Dickinson's Friday Rock Show and he complimented me on my voice and compared it to Michael Kiske's."

The Hystory Behind Tin Soldiers

In 2009 the Italian band which started as a Helloween cover band started to work in a new album. The guitarists Luca Cabri and Guido Benedetti wrote most of the pieces but they worked a lot in the rehearsal room giving the right arrangements, and adapting each instrument. Those rehearsals were done at Guido studio in his house. When they got enough stuff they recorded at Fear Studio.

Trick Or Treat band Tin SoldiersThe band wanted to have a few collaborations in their 2nd album (the first was "Evil Needs Candy Too" in 2006)  so Michael was their "big whale". They asked to their record company Valery Records and the label contacted with Kiske's label Frontiers which is also Italian, Michael liked the songs so he agreed. Alessandro commented about that: "Having Michael in our album is a goal that goes beyond the commercial aspect of the cooperation. I began my singing studies immediately after listening the 'Keepers', more than 10 years ago maybe if I hadn't listened to his voice, I would have never started to sing! So it was a dream that we had been carring on since we created the band. It was not difficult to get his collaboration, Frontiers is our distributing agent for Italy both them and Michael were always disposed to cooperate with us."

Alessandro commented about the vocal recording of guests: "Fortunately we live near Michele Luppi, so I could spend one day in his studio improving with him the arrangements of his vocal parts. Obviously, with Kiske was different. He sended us his vocal parts by internet, but anyway it was a perfect interaction."

The album worked well in Europe and very well in the Japanese market, they entered in the Japanese charts on position 29th which is not bad at all for a new band.

Comments of musicians

Michael Kiske: "I did sing parts in one song, and another one in whole. What I really liked about them is that they seem to enjoy what they are doing. In German we call it 'Spielfreude'; that's always very uplifting and fresh. No matter how naive the lyrics sometimes may be, as long as a band really is excited about their music, I get a kick out of it. And they seem to be in in with all their heart."

Alessandro Conti about Kiske collaboration: "Certainly I want to thank him for his great performance and for the good words he put in for us on his web-site... we are so pleased with this!... We hope to see him soon in a live performance in Italy. In this case we will have a great lunch with spaghetti all together! Ok?? To get Michael in our album it's a dream I've been chasing for years! To sing with Kiske on MY "Tears against Your Smile" meant a lot. This is a very special song to me."

Luca Cabri about Kiske collaboration: "I only want to tell him that I’ve listened to his vocal tracks without the backing track 200 times!! And that personally having him in my album, in a Trickies album, is a GREAT satisfaction!! I thank him very much!!"

Trick Or Treat Tin Soldiers Press ratings

Webzine - Radio - Magazine Rating 0/10
Powermetal.it 9,5
Rockhard.it 9
Strutterzine 8,6
Burrn! Magazine 8,4
Metalstorm.com 8,1
The-Pit.de 8
Metalhammer.it 8
Fallenangelofrock 8
Metalglory.de 8
Rockeyez.com 8
Metalcrypt.com 8
Powermetal.de 6,5
Metal.de 6


Catalog numbers
CD editionVRCD 077Valery Records
Japanese editionKICP 1367King Records