Unisonic In Different Ways

I was really busy these last few days, so I could not write a blog when I had the idea about the theme. The idea for this blog is about the different ways that Unisonic could go with the second album.

The band has at least two different kinds of fans, the "Nostalgics" who are more in the heavier side of the band and the "Vendomies" who are more in the melodic side. A clear example is the song 'I've Tried'. There are fans who love that song and there are fans who hate it, there is not a middle ground with it.

There are different tastes also within the band. Mandy Meyer recently said that after the tour they already know what kind of songs work in playing live and which don't. Songs like 'Unisonic', 'We Rise', 'King For A Day' were his examples of songs that have good response from the audience. But Dennis Ward has a different opinion. He's more into the melodic side with songs like 'Renegade' and 'I've Tried'. Dennis said. Meanwhile Michael said to Kai that if he wanted to write a song like 'March Of Time' he would not have any problem - that Unisonic is not a metal band and if Kai and Michael would want to make a metal band, Kosta and him would not be the best choice.

So it will be very interesting to know what path they will take in the second album. I think the album will be a mix of styles like the first one. But I personally think it's difficult to get sucess if you make something in the middle, there will always be people that don't like/enjoy half of the album. But I'm sure the band learned a lot during the first tour, like Michael said. somewhere that the first album was a test to know what it works and what not.

In any case, I can't wait for the second album to know what way they will take.