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Sewer Pipe Repair Techniques-Pipe Bursting and Relining

Broken and burst sewer pipes in a home or a business can be a major source of problems to all, looking at the inconvenience that these bring, financially and functionally. However, you can actually get to minimize the impact that these may have in the home in the way that you choose to handle or deal with such kinds of issues in your property.

Fortunately, all as a result of the advances that there have been in the repair technology, you must not necessarily get to dig as deep as it used to be in the days gone by for you to access a broken sewer pipe and have them fixed. Basically all you may require is a bit of information for you to be able to tell of the necessary trenchless pipe repair for your sewer pipe.

But one thing that must be noted and appreciated going forward is that in as much as trenchless pipe repair technology is such a great one, it may not be as useful in all situations as it has proved to be far more effective in some situations as compared to how it would be on others. Check out the following for some of the essentials that you need to know on trenchless pipe repair technology and how it can prove to be a benefit to your business or home.

To begin with, what is trenchless pipe repair technology? Like we have seen above and from what the name suggests, trenchless pipe repair is that method of fixing broken or burst pipes in the home or property without you necessarily having to dig a trench for the same. By far and large, this has proved to be the preferred method for repairing sewer lines and this is for a number of reasons and benefits that it comes with. As a result of the fact that it doesn’t involve the digging and trenching for these burst and broken sewer lines and pipes to be fixed, this is a method that will be quite less messy, costly and as well would be faster in having these issues fixed as compared to the other traditional forms and methods of open trenching for these repairs.

By and large, trenchless pipe repairs come of two different kinds and this is where we see the pipe bursting method and the slip lining repairs. Under pipe bursting, this is a technology that involves the breaking and expansion of the existing pipe while at the same time replacing it with HDPE pipe. When it comes to slip lining on the other hand, this is the trenchless sewer rehabilitation technique that sees the installation of an epoxy liner into the already in place sewer lateral. In essence you end up with a piping system of two layers of pipes, a pipe within a pipe kind of.

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