In the garden you can spend more time than you think!

Nowadays, most people spend a lot of time at the computer. With your computer, you usually sit closed somewhere in the house. But why don't you take your laptop out in the summer so you can breathe in the fresh air while you work on it? In nature you will work better thanks to the fresh air and you will get a lot of inspiration in your head. Once you've tried this out, you'll never want to sit at your computer at home.
You will have to deal with several problems
But it's not always easy with a computer in the garden. You must have in particular a secured power supply or have a laptop with a long battery life. You might also need to resolve your Internet connection. If the sun is shining, you'll see just your reflection on the display rather than what you see. It is therefore advisable to take the awnings on the terrace, or let it be roofed.